11 Foods that Actually Damage Your Kidneys, Number 6 Will Shock You

IMPORTANT : Slide Number 6 Will Shock You  

11. Caffeine

A lot of us  depend on a daily hit of caffeine to get going in the morning , adding more doses in the evening or when we have a lot of work . But since caffeine is a stimulant , it leads to accelerating blood flow and increasing blood pressure . As it’s also a mild diuretic , in other words , it affects our kidney’s ability of absorbing water and may lead to dehydration.

Small amounts of caffeine does not put a lot of stress on your kidneys .  But overconsumption can make kidney disease worse and lead to kidney stones because of the chronic dehydration.  No worries if you stick to 2 or 3 caffeines beaverages per day and follow drinking a lot of water in the interim . Just get your fix from tea or coffee rather than energy drinks or sodas . We will discuss that next .