Tips to Making the Perfect Salad

Salads are one of the most popular go-to lunch or dinner dish that you can make today. However, as easy as it is to make a salad, you would be surprised by how easy it is to mess up. Also you would be surprised at how easy it is to make the same old salad each and every time. In this chapter you will have a couple of useful tips that you can use to make the perfect salad every time you make one.

I. Change up The Greens That You Use

If you are anything like me then you will know from experience how boring it is to eat the same dish every single day. When it comes to salad people tend to only use Romaine lettuce and that’s it. Instead change it up and don’t hesitate to use some baby spinach or arugula for your salad. You can use any type of leafy green that you can imagine so just be creative and follow your taste buds.

II. Don’t Hesitate to Dress up Your Salad

When it comes to enjoy salads on a regular basis, you need to be aware of different variations of the same salad that you can make. For example you can use a different kind of salad dressing to change your salad entirely. I recommend trying out as many different salad dressings such as olive oil, vinaigrette, Ranch or even something as exotic as almond butter dressing.

III. Add Some Crunchy Material

One of the best things about eating a salad is just enjoying the different textures that accompany the salad. Depending on what kind of ingredients you use, a salad will naturally be crunchy but it gives you the opportunity to try out different toppings. If you want to add some added crunch to your salad I highly recommend adding some finely chopped walnuts, pine nuts or any other kind of roasted nuts.

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IV. Heat up Your Salad

I know that a hot salad does not seem like it would taste appetizing, but trust me you have to try it out for yourself. The best and easiest way to make your salad hot is to add one hot ingredient like a hot protein source such as beef and chicken or even adding warm onions and garlic.

V. Smooth out Your Salad

While adding a bit of a crunch to your salad is obviously the tastiest option, the perfect salad that you can make it one that also incorporates some smooth ingredients such as beets, slices of avocado or even some winter squash. When you make a salad always try to incorporate some smooth ingredients to make the tastiest salad that you will ever taste.

VI. Add Some Sweets!

The beautiful part about a salad is that you can add just a touch of sweetness and it can enhance the entire taste of your salad. You don’t even have to add a lot of sugar to sweeten up your salad. When it comes to sweet ingredients I highly recommend adding ingredients such as fresh fruit like peaches, berries, strawberries, honey or sweet vinaigrette dressing. However, keep in mind that a little bit of sweetness will go a long way so don’t overdo it.

VII. Get Rid of the Greens Once in A While

The term “salad” doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have to pile a bunch of dark leafy greens onto a plate in order to call it a salad. You can easily go without the green and use other vegetables instead such as cucumbers or fruits such as melon to make your salad. Remember, be as creative as you can with your salad to make it the most delicious salad you will ever taste.

VIII. Deconstruct Your Salad

Remember, you can make a salad nearly out of any kind of ingredient out there. So instead of enjoying a sandwich, turn it into a healthy salad instead. Be as creative as you can so you can enjoy your meals more in the long run.